Simul Global
«The Logistics which suits You»

Simul Global
«The Logistics which suits You»

Simul Global
«The Logistics which suits You»

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Belarus, Minsk
Pr. Pobediteley 129
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The key point of our activity is road transportation of goods between EU/EFTA countries and CIS countries as well as Georgia and the Ukraine.
We consider adjusting of existing state-of-the-art transport services to Your business workflow to be the main mission of our company. In order to bring this mission to success we have at our disposal wide spectrum of supplemental tools which are to make transport of Your goods faster and more efficient.

An employee of our company is Your company`s employee who holds sacred the interests of Your company and safeguards them in any region of the globe.

Thanks to our reliable and respectful partners, the services of our company expand essentially beyond the operational range of road transport. It results in our ability to operate at transport markets of South-East Asia and North America.

Before the cooperation starts, our specialists are always available for providing an expert consultation on questions concerning transport services as well as related issues of international trade activities.


Our partner company Simul has been providing international transport services since 1991.

Since 2009 Simul is a regular member of Belarusian Association of international road carriers “BAMAP”.

Simul has valid license for international transport activity through 2025.

Our services

Road transportation of the goods


Express-delivery with road transport


Sea and air fright


Warehousing and contract logistics


Customs handling and insurance


We organize carriage of the following goods:

  • FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less than truckload) shipments (including hazardous ADR materials) with gross weight under 22,5t and height under 305cm;
  • materials which require maintenance of special temperature range (including hazardous ADR materials);
  • heavy and bulky goods.

All the vehicles can be extra (in addition to a standard large set) equipped with the requested number of load securing belts and anti-slip mats.

While ordering an LTL-carriage You pay only for the actual space, which Your cargo takes in a vehicle.

Road transportation: range from 1 pallet to oversized cargo

Company Simul owns EURO-5 and EURO-6 eco standard DAF, Volvo and Renault tractor units as well as Schmitz, Krone, Kögel  and Humbaur semitrailers.

Express-delivery with road transport

No matter how well planned the logistics chain of a single enterprise is, one will intermittently face a need to accelerate movement of some consignment within any chain link. We consider therefore that these intermittent needs are usual part of logistic workflow of a large enterprise. 

To handle these issues, we are always ready to deliver the following vehicles:

  • vehicles with load carrying capacity under 1,4t (including hazardous ADR license) with all-metal body);
  • tilt vehicles with load carrying capacity under 6t (including hazardous ADR license);
  • refrigerator vehicles with load carrying capacity under 2t.

To maintain continuity and integrity of Your logistics chain we are able to deliver the above mentioned vehicles within 24h in every part of EU or CIS.

Some vehicles are equipped with hydraulic lift.

For a long-distance express delivery, we actively engage our partner consolidation warehouses.

Within the context of the world trade market`s globalization,  the road transport alone is not able to cover 100% of transport needs of production and trade enterprises. To enforce continuous trade with residents of South-East Asia and North America, we organize air transportation of goods as well as the following arts of transportation by see:

  • LCL (less than container load) shipments;
  • 20` and 40` DV containers;
  • Bulky and heavy goods.

See and air freight

Thanks to our reliable partners Simul Global is present in the transport markets of South-East Asia and North America.

Warehousing and contract logistics

If You choose Simul Global You get the widest range of logistic services from one source.

We are ready to study production workflow and supply chain of Your enterprise to be able to make suggestions about how to minimize costs and time of Your goods` moving while keeping the due level of quality, control and conditions of every single transportation. Warehousing and consolidation of goods is an essential part of each logistics chain. The network of our partner warehouses (situated in Vilnius (Lithuania), Blonie (Poland), Stuttgart (Germany) and Brescia (Italy)) is geographically located in the way, which makes transportation of goods much more efficient. Services of the above listed warehouses include:
  • loading and unloading of cargo with forklift truck or crane;
  • storage of goods (including goods which are placed customs control);
  • package marking.

Every customs territory has it`s own imperative rules regarding moving of goods placed under customs control. You can always get an expert consultation and practical assistance on the following issues:

  • EXW (ex works) cargo collection on every customs territory;
  • DDP delivery in Belarus and EU;
  • handling of goods` accompanying documents.

We can optionally organize cargo insurance directly concerning road transportation. 

Customs handling and insurance

Our specialists keep a close watch on customs legislative changes on every customs territory, where we act as provider of logistic services.

Our specialists are ready to provide qualified consultation on the whole range of the rendered services before the start of cooperation: directly concerning transportation of the goods, so on related issues from the sphere of foreign economic activity.